Quilt and Stitchery Appraisals
An Opportunity to have Your Quilt or Stitchery Appraised

A quilt appraisal is your written document confirming an up-to-date value of your traditional or
non-traditional quilt or quilted garment for insurance purposes. This document can be used for your home insurance coverage, when shipping quilts, or for quilt shows who request values on their registration forms.

Vintage quilts and new quilts should be appraised for replacement value. Your insurance company may not recognize the value you place on your quilt. Some have no idea of the value of these art pieces. Your appraisal will help identify and document the value of your quilt.

Framed Stitchery and Antique Samplers can also be appraised for insurance purposes and replacement value.

Appraisal photo

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